Do the Ride Thing is all about responsible drinking and making good choices about who is driving. “Do the Ride Thing” defines responsible as, ‘Legal’ – over 21, and ‘Safe’ – using a designated driver or calling a cab if you have been drinking. We developed “Do the Ride Thing” to reward students who are making the decision to be the DD.



Wolf it Down

Grab a friend to indulge in free pancakes! Starting at 11pm on the Quad.

Nevada  vs. UC Davis

7pm at Mackay Stadium.


Labor Day. Campus Closed!

First day of Classes!

August 26
September 3
September 7
August 24

Here’s a list of discounts we’ve gathered just for you! All of these businesses understand what it’s like to be a college student and they want to make your life easier. If you know of any other student discounts out there, email us  and we’ll add the savings to the list!